Class Notes

Multiply Your Success

Learn how you can use the 8th Wonder of the World to reach financial freedom.  This lesson will share two key principles to multiply your success. Download worksheets: Multiply Your Success Worksheet


Have you ever hit the debt breaking point?  This is where you say, “I’ve had it!  No more debt!”.  We are going to learn the wisdom the Bible has on erasing debt.  

Breaking the Debt Cycle

In this lesson we’ll learn how to create your debt free plan and how to determine your Debt-Free Day! View SIP Budget Spreadsheet and Tutorials – Lesson applies to: 9/18/22 – 4 PM CT Class 9/25/22 10 AM CT Class

Fit afro-american runner in starting position on stadium

2022-09-18 The Starting Blocks

No matter how great your struggle, know that you have a greater God!  We all have to start right where we are.  We declare that what the enemy meant for harm will become your setup for your greatest victory!