A Quality Decision 

But in your hearts set Christ apart [as holy—acknowledging Him, giving Him first place in your lives] as Lord… 

1 Peter 3:15 AMP

We know God wants us to prosper in our life because the Bible plainly states His desire for such in our lives (John 10:10), but in order to prosper, we need to seek God and learn His ways. When we face a mountain of debt or a heap of financial challenges in life, be rest assured that God will make a way for you to become debt free and overcome financial challenges. However, this can only happen when we play our part, and it begins when we make a quality decision.  

As it pertains to financial struggles, this means we are deciding to make a resolve, to settle it once and for all, that we are no longer going to be bound by financial mountains and struggles. It means we are moving forward and not retreating—hence, it is a quality decision.  

In earlier posts, I shared my experience of God providing more than enough to pay for my overseas wedding through a combination of behavioral changes, being obedient to His word and trusting in Him. But throughout this time, I delayed in following His instructions and often questioned all that He asked me to do. Many times, I complained throughout the process. Even in the midst of complaining, God still provided for me over and more than that what I imagined.  

Yes, I was growing in my relationship with the Lord, but I spent time dwelling on how He should help and how much I had to “sacrifice” in order to see the promise. Though God showed me His mercy, my attitude was not acceptable in various times throughout this particular season. My decision to achieve the goal of not financing my wedding through the use of debt was not a decision of quality.  

I agreed to do as the Lord instructed such as maintain a strict budget, eliminate certain habits in spending, and be a cheerful giver, but I had never truly made Christ Lord over this area (really, this decision). Any time I sensed an instruction to follow, I thought of how laborious it was and how much I had to give up. 

If I could change one thing about that experience, I would make a quality decision to truly surrender this goal to the Lordship of Christ and follow His instructions without delaying, complaining and murmuring. 

If you are making a plan to be debt free or to overcome a financial challenge, I encourage you to make sure you have made a quality decision to not only achieve that goal, but also to commit it to the Lordship of Christ, obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to love the journey. That does not mean you won’t experience hardship along the way—frustrations and hindrances will pop up, but the quality decision you make ensures that you are not moved by what you see or feel, but that you are only moved by the word of God.  

Ready to make a ‘quality decision’? Then share your statement of a quality decision to someone that will hold you accountable. In fact, if you attend our financial classes face to face or via Zoom, I encourage you to make a statement of your quality decision at the table you’re at or during the breakout session on Zoom. Will you make a quality decision?